Either way, you'll find plenty to laugh about in America's quirkiest love story, Crazy for Cornelia, from AOL Time Warner.

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Let's just navigate around these sharp graphics...

..and get virtually acquainted. My name is Chris Gilson, the author. Crazy for Cornelia is my first novel, so thanks for stopping by my non-household-name site--not exactly Oprah or even Danielle Steel territory. The least I can do is let you have some fun, or get something of value free, or both.

Do you love champagne? Music? Meeting people? Enjoy seeing dazzling young actors perform? Are you in the LA area this spring?

You're invited to one of my non-traditional bookstore events. I bring Crazy for Cornelia to life with the help of rising stars from The House of Yes, Beverly Hills 90210, and Coyote Ugly. The hot LA girl group GLO, led by Pat Benatar's daughter Haley, sizzles through their song "Crazy for You", and we have champagne, bottled water (this is LA), and various sinful treats, including a chocolate leg or romantic dinner-for-two-wherever for a lucky raffle winner. Click on EVENTS for updates.

Are you an innovator? Like to read eBooks on Microsoft Reader or Adobe? Thanks to my innovative publisher, you can download the new eBook edition of Crazy for Cornelia free. The link is up there to your right.

Are you wondering yet if the book's any good? Or what it's about? It's the story of a frustrated artist-turned-doorman named Kevin who falls in love with Cornelia--a beautiful but flaky young debutante with a reputation for being crazy. Her father, and slimy fiance,keep her locked up in her penthouse like a modern day Rapunzel in Manhattan. But Kevin begins to see that Cornelia is a gem of a girl who just happens to be obsessed with a mythic inventor...

And the people who like it, modesty should forbid, really seem to love it: "A winning debut--hilarious and provocative (New York Post)... "Sparks fly--love conquers all" (Boston Globe)..." Charming and delightful" (Booklist)..."You just have to read Crazy for Cornelia (Rita Mae Brown). New Line Cinema bought the film rights, The Literary Guild took it for their book club. It's been #5 on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List, and #23 on the Amazon.com Hot 100. So judge for yourself:

• It's a "funny, winning, quirky, big, thumping heart kind of book" that even hardened
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---And I would really like to hear from you. So please feel free to contact me at chris@chrisgilson.com.


Chris Gilson

Crazy For Cornelia

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Average Review
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Film Rights to New Line Cinema. An Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild. An L.A. Times Bestseller.
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