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---Nobody I know thinks Oprah would pick Crazy For Cornelia for her Book Club.

--It's an urban fairytale about a doorman, a debutante, and a mythic inventor. It's funny. Nobody dies. There's a guy holding roses on the cover. No professor will ever want to deconstruct it in Lit Crit 101.

---Still, dumb persistence in the face of incredible odds is all a first-time author has. So i've been waiting by the phone for Oprah to call. Not long, really. Just for the last 297 days or so. But who's counting? She's busy being Oprah. That's why we love her.

---And if I just stay by the phone working on my next book, struggling to write more beautifully like, say, Anita Shreve or Billie Letts, and never get up to eat or anything, she's bound to call.

---As The Boston Globe said about Crazy for Cornelia, "love conquers all, though it can't hurt to have the grit of a superhero."

---Wish i'd said that. It's become my new motto.



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