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"You just have to read Crazy for Cornelia."

- Rita Mae Brown, author of Rubyfruit Jungle

"If you were to mix Arthur, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and Runaway Bride into a book, it would be Chris Gilson's winning debut novel . . . hilarious and provocative."

The New York Post

"Crazy for Cornelia is a romantic, witty, fast-paced romp with a serious side: embedded in the plot's cliffhangers and reversals of fortune are deft, seemingly off-the-cuff observations about class, family, art, and sanity. Chris Gilson has created a hero, heroine and villain worth their salt in a lovely, funny fairy tale with a light but always wise and compassionate heart."

- Kate Christensen, author of In the Drink

"Love conquers all, though it can't hurt to have the grit of a superhero."

Boston Globe

"Charming and geniuinely compelling . . . an updated Cinderella story with a gender switch."

Kirkus Reviews

"Love works, magic happens, and Chris Gilson is as good as Houdini with his rocket socks on. Jump on board."

- Les Standiford, author of Black Mountain

"Great fun . . . wayward and winsome . . . a truly good read."

- Fay Weldon, author of Big Girls Don't Cry and Life and Loves of a She-Devil

"Dreams do come true in Gilson's charming and delightful romance, an upscale fariy tale told with lovingly depicted quirky characters and a wonderfully inventive story line."

- Booklist

"The characters are wonderful, the plot fast-paced and compelling, and the New York social landscape Chris Gilson depicts is as vast and colorful as it is true to life. Chris Gilson is a fresh voice in commercial fiction and he will find vast readership."

- Laura van Wormer, author of Expose and Just For The Summer

"Chris Gilson is the newest player on the hot-author scene, and his Crazy for Cornelia the hippest, smartest romantic comedy-of-manners since The Graduate."

- Mike Walker, National Enquirer columnist and author of Malicious Intent

"Chris Gilson's heartfelt Cinderella story moves at a breakneck pace to its triumphant, soaring, completely satisfying ending. Here lies the proof that love really does conquer all."

- Mameve Medwed, author of Mail and Host Family

"An AAR Favorite Funny. Inventive, fun and humorous." (Blythe) "It's got potential to be a classic" (Maria)

- All About Romance

"This screwball comedy of a fairy tale snugly fits our turn-of-the-century world."

- Diane Leslie, author of Fleur De Leigh's Life of Crime

The second half is more accomplished stylistically, and the characters emerge as sweetly likable.

- Publishers Weekly

"Chris Gilson shows a tremendous talent to turn a romantic fairy tale into an intelligent, offbeat, extremely humorous romp that will send readers looking for more tales by the author."

- Midwest Book Review

There is no way in a brief review to describe the richness of this book. Crazy for Cornelia is a fast-paced, entertaining, contemporary love story with a dynamite, cliff-hanger of an ending. It has loads of humor, great, larger than life characters, a neat portrait of New York, and lots of action."

- The Romance Reader

"This book is delightful. I rooted for Kevin and Corny the whole ride. It's like a Generation X Lucy and Ricky…Not to worry; I won't give away the zany finale. Do yourself a favor, gentle reader. Suspend the day-to-day tedium…Read "Crazy for Cornelia."

- The Roanoke Times

"A delightful urban fairy tale that casts a gloriously goofy spell over the reader."

- Tony Hendra, Esquire contributor and author of The '90s: A Look Back

"For two straight days, I abandoned work and family for the guilty pleasure of losing myself within those pages. Bravo - a book that is delicious, well done entertainment.

- Pamela Beck, author of Rich Men, Single Women

"Crazy for Cornelia is a brilliantly-crafted romantic comedy - buckle up for a riveting roller-coaster ride."

- Dr. Neil Shulman, author of Doc Hollywood

"A contemporary romance reminiscent of 'Sabrina,' written with all the humanity, joy, and pain of falling in love. . . . potent enough to evoke a sense of tenderness, inspiration and humor. It's moving and fast paced and will keep readers cheering for the underdog."

Victoria Gotti, author of The Senator's Daughter

"Crazy for Cornelia traverses a zig-zag, top speed journey from the Tesla Museum to the madhouse and everywhere in between. On the way, Chris Gilson shows off his wild imagination and a wicked sense of humor."

Pagan Kennedy, author of The Exes

"Coffeerooms.com Featured Selection: Quirky...slightly off center...gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling."


"Don't wait for the movie...A well written sure to leave readers giddy."

Charlotte Austin Review

"Entertaining, jocular, and will send readers looking for more tales by the author."

Book Browser

"Perfect for leisure time reading...Cinderella is a doorman on New York's Upper East Side and the handsome prince is a rich, beautiful debutante."

Associated Press

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